1. Hey Detroit! My alienologist son and I collaborated on a body of work for People’s Biennial which is opening this Friday at MOCAD. We’ve documented a variety of aliens to help educate you on the subject and to introduce their plight to the greater world. As Hank Meloy would say, “Most aliens are very misunderstood.” So come on down if you’re in the neighborhood. We’d love to see you and talk your ear off about outer space.

  2. I said: a Tibetan monk’s
    Hank said: a dragon’s
    Colin said: George Clooney’s

  3. Coming soon from Penguin Essentials.
    This was fun. I’m very available to design more book covers for classic literature, everyone.

  4. and another from HOME, which is about homes: of the apartment, french, undersea, etc. variety

  5. a spread from HOME (by me!) published by Candlewick next February

  6. working very hard on a book and dreaming of spring break here

  7. still working on wallpaper for our book room; trying to come up with a color scheme we can all live with

  8. Hey, I designed this poster for ICON8! See you illustators there next summer?

  9. painted on a camping trip

  10. Hank Ellis Meloy again
    (a print/t-shirt/poster design for Reading Frenzy)