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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

This Amazing Thing

is from my (actual, physical object) photo collection.


Hello!  Over on the Wildwood blog, we’re having a mapmaking contest.  Do you like to draw maps?  Are you an ingenious inventor of imaginary worlds?  Do you like prizes (that are directly related to Wildwood)?  If so, you ought to enter.  The deadline is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  So get on it!  All the information [...]


I’m currently eyeballs-deep in the task of illustrating Under Wildwood, the second book in the series.  It’ll have 85 illustrations, same as the first one.  I’m about halfway done and so far this incidental drawing of poppies is one of my favorites.

Prue Goes Under Wildwood

The St. Johns Bizarre

Here’s my contribution to the “Posters for Events in St. Johns that Feature the St. Johns Bridge” genre. The St. Johns Bizarre is SO MUCH FUN.  As is the St. Johns parade that happens on the same day.  Go!  I’ll see you there.


Look what I got to leaf through at the central library in Portland. Did you know that the original printing of Little Fur Family was tiny and bound with rabbit fur?  Margaret Wise Brown, you were such a freak!  Thank you, Jim Carmin, for letting me hold this weird little thing.  It made my day.

This Jam

Over and over and over again. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

More Fan Art

There’s a ton of new fan art up at the Wildwood blog.  I’m especially fond of this portrait of Curtis by an unnamed 4th grader at Mt. Erie Elementary in Anacortes, Washington.