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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

It’s Alive!

Here’s another trailer for Wildwood, this one was animated by the good people at Laika House.  Colin and I did the voice-overs (my voice got pitched up so I wouldn’t sound so old) and Colin wrote and played the guitar part.  Thanks, Laika!

More Familial Collaboration

Here is an excerpt from “Making Friends”, written by Hank Meloy and illustrated by me, with art direction from the author.

On The Phone With Steve Malk,

I drew a psychedelic flower on a very short grocery list.

Oh S.E.

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Posters Again

The grey in this poster will be shiny metallic silver.  There’ll be another poster for the night before with gold ink and a green background.

The Latest…

…in a long parade of shell-shocked animals that Window and Fortinbras have gifted us since we made the mistake of letting them become outdoor cats.  I looked up from my computer and this snake was at my feet.  I like him.  Twenty years ago I would have put him in my terrarium and named him [...]


Work.Place is Carlie Armstrong’s lovely photo blog featuring Portland artists and their studios.  Here are a few pictures she took of me and mine.  The rest are here. I don’t usually like photos of myself much but I like this one.  I spend hours in this position daily. It is my perfect state of being.

Also, There’s This

Final art for an audiobook:

Wildwood on the World Wide Web

The Wildwood website is, as they say, live.  There’s an excerpt from the book on there and some other fun things.  Thanks to the ever classy Jenn Armbrust at Motel for designing it.