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{ Monthly Archives } June 2011

Happy Father’s Day To My Dad

Thanks for teaching me to play cards and to build things out of wood; to be adventurous and to be nice.

Decatur Book Festival

Well, this is unexpected and amazing:  Colin and I will be the keynote speakers at the Decatur Book Festival this year!  We’re really, really honored.  The DBF is the largest independent book festival in the country and it’s free and open to the public.  I’m preparing for the awkward challenge of writing a joint speech [...]

Go In Peace

I rescued this baby mole from my ruthless cats and set it free.  Go in peace, little friend.  Don’t make tunnels in my garden.  You owe me.

Rock Tour

This is one of a few posters I’m designing for Decemberists’ shows this summer.  I’ll be along for this whole tour – roughly a month between mid-July and mid-August – so I’ll be at this show.  Which is terrific because I love Missoula.  Truth be told, though, I don’t know how I got talked into [...]

ATC: Hike #3

Firelane 15 > Wildwood > BPA Road > Firelane 12 > Firelane 15 We saw some big trees and I saw patterns everywhere. Sponsor us. Find out more.


I’m designing some posters for upcoming Decemberists shows.  Drawing them is easy but coloring them is hard.  Tonight I’m looking to two of my favorite poster artists for inspiration. Zeloot, from the Netherlands: And Grady McFerrin, from Brooklyn:

ATC: Hikes #1 and #2

All right, I have embarked upon the All Trails Challenge. Today’s walk:  Leif Erikson > Ridge > Wildwood > Hardesty > Leif Erikson I saw a lot of delicate woodland plants at their greenest – wood sorrel, maidenhair fern, solomon’s plume – along with slugs, snails, beetles, a dead mole being eaten by beetles, and [...]