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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

This Monday!

I’ll be speaking as part of PSU’s MFA Monday Night Lecture Series.  Since it’s on my mind, I’m going to talk a lot about Wildwood – about collaborating with Colin, the editorial process, book jacket design, and other illustration nerdery.  Come on down.  It’s free and open to the public. Monday April 25th, 7:30pm Shattuck [...]


This tiny rat was the very last Wildwood illustration.  I’m done!

This Is Why We Fight

Good friend and frequent Decemberists videographer Aaron Stewart Ahn made a rad video for This Is Why We Fight.  It features mean bullies and nice scarves.

Jock Roderick, the brave bandit of hanratty cross

Here’s another something from Wildwood.  I’m days away from finishing up work on the book’s 85 illustrations!  I feel sleepy, delirious, spring-feverish and over-caffeinated but otherwise good.

Don’t brush my hair in knots

Google image search: Old Map

This was made by an 11 year old boy named Fritz and it charts his Jewish family’s escape from Berlin to Brazil in 1938.  The caption at the top says in German From the old home to the new home! More info here.


Illustration student, Katie Scott, via itsnicethat: addendum:  a print of this now hangs in my bathroom.  It’s really nice.