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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011



This Saturday at 2:00, I’ll be reading Dillweed’s Revenge and drawing pictures at Green Bean Books on Alberta.  Have you been to this place?  It’s sweet.

Powell’s Books,

I hope to mine you for treasure all of my days.

Hey knitters

I’m participating in You Are The Chosen One, a collaborative knitting project organized by Seann McKeel.  You should too!  Here’s the deets.  (I’ve got A.) Seann’s last community knitting project, knitnotwar 1,000, tasked 100 knitters with making 10 felted cranes apiece from a pattern she developed.  The final result was 1,000 cranes for peace hanging [...]


Here we are, looking official

Autumn de Wilde photographed us for the Wildwood jacket flap.

Hello Stranger, put your loving hand in mine

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

I might be procrastinating a little bit

I wanted to see if these work.  They do.

McSweeney’s presents The Goods

The Goods is a weekly kids’ page appearing in The Chicago Tribune and other Tribune papers on Thursdays.  It’s presented by McSweeney’s and edited by my friend and children’s book compatriot, Mac Barnett. Here is Colin and my contribution – on newstands today: If your local paper doesn’t carry The Goods, you should tell them [...]