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{ Monthly Archives } February 2011

Ancient projects coming to fruition

There are two new items in my webshop and both have been in the works for many years. The first is a silk-screened poster, drawn by me and printed by Jealous Butcher Records proprietor, Rob Jones.  I think I made the drawings for this thing ten years ago!  They’re from around the same time I [...]

Battle in the Wakohn Sea

This is a map that Hank asked me to draw of the train-themed waterpark in our Minneapolis hotel.  He talked me through it.


Decemberists on Yo Gabba Gabba

Stereoscopic Photos

I found these in the NYPL digital archive today.  True to form, I actually own a Victorian stereoscope (the viewfinder-like thing used for looking at these) and a collection of stereographs.  Someday I’ll scan them and post them…