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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011


for Dana Dart-McLean.  She’s one of my favorite artists and she’s looking for editorial work.  Check out her new extra beautiful online portfolio.

My wallet

Hey Hank, have you seen my wallet? Yes. When? It was a million years ago.  But also in the present. Okay.  Where was it? On the windowsill in the TV room. Did you put it somewhere? Yes. Where? No. No what?  Where’s my wallet? Just no.  Your wallet is invisible.

Wayback Machine

Colin’s in L.A. with the Decemberists to play Jay Leno.  I’m up early, thinking about the college party house in Missoula where we lived 14 years ago, about our present-day life here in Portland, and about all the crazy stuff in between that got us from the former place to the latter.  Each Decemberists record [...]

Autumn de Wilde and the Impossible Project

Happy The King Is Dead day!  The new Decemberists record is out today and it’s beautiful so go buy it. The packaging for the album this time around is a collaboration between me and one of my favorite people, music-and-so-much-more photographer, Autumn de Wilde.  Autumn did a crazy amount of work for this record.  She [...]

More from Wildwood

At long last!

Well, the book’s not out until September but, at long last, I can share the cover design.  I’ve been steadily working away on Wildwood’s 76 illustrations.  I’m proud of this one, folks.  I can’t wait for you all to see it.

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