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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010

An Ambitious Project Collapsing

I fight the urge to repost everything I see on this blog.

Bertha, the Child-Flower

Here’s my submission for A Journey Round My Skull‘s Raymond Roussel illustration contest.  The assignment was to illustrate a passage from Roussel’s surrealist poem Locus Solus that was cut from the final book.  You can read the passage here and see the contest results here.  Big ups as always to AJRMS.  If you’re into wondrous, [...]

Google image search: old post office


My contribution to the funny pages of The San Francisco Panorama, McSweeney’s gigantic, miraculous one-day-only newspaper.

They’re so silly

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Blue Bird of Happiness

At Moscow Art Theatre, 1908.  More here (search for “blue bird”).

New in the shop

A triptych of silk-screened prints featuring kids on horses.  If I’m any of them, it’s the smiling, chubby girl in the riding helmet. Also, a new poster: Or newly available anyway.  This one’s from The Decemberists Hazards of Love tour last year.

Asafo Flags

via an ambitious project collapsing.  See more and read about them here.