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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010


Yup, it’s the golden age of obsessive, niche online collections and the blogs devoted to them and I love it.  Sad will be the day that I’ve just seen too many international Hobbit collections, creepy Santa Claus photo collections, and dirty scrimshaw collections to care anymore.  In the meantime, here’s Letterheady, a blog devoted to [...]

taylor taylor taylor taylor TAYLOR

One of my ex-drawing workshop students started a blog that is weird and awesome.  Ladies and gentleman, I give you Taylor Bancroft: Yeah, me too. Also, Dana and I will be teaching this workshop again at the Portland Art Museum next fall.  If you’re a teenager in the Portland area who likes to draw, you [...]

Amazing, airborne Colin, part 2


I’m drawing a map and made a file of nice maps to draw inspiration from.  I was admiring the lettering on this one and realized it’s a map of Westchester County, New York – where I grew up.  I guess the Tappanzee Bridge was named for a part of the Hudson once called the Tappan [...]

Happy February

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January in Australia and New Zealand

The Decemberists played the Big Day Out festival there this year and Hank and I, along with the other moms and kids, went along.  We saw Auckland, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth in three weeks.  Highlights were:  watching the sun set over Auckland from the ferry, hearing Joanna Newsom debut songs at Sydney [...]