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{ Monthly Archives } January 2010

Gollums from around the world

I compiled these from the website I mentioned in my last post, Babel Hobbits, and I’m not sure if the dates refer to when they were illustrated or when they were published.  Owner of this collection, whoever you are, I’m grateful to you for scanning all this stuff.  I tried to tell you in an email but [...]


Illustration nerds:  this guy scanned his huge personal collection of Hobbit editions from around the world – book jackets and interior art.  You could spend a whole Sunday looking at them.  That’s my plan so far – I’m still in bed.  Thanks to A Journey Round My Skull for the tip.


PAM Drawing Workshop Group Show

Presenting work by young artists who participated in Drawing Portfolio Workshop at the Portland Art Museum. Please join us for an opening at: Half and Half 923 SW Oak Street Portland, OR Thursday, January 7th, 2010 from 5-6pm Adrienne Hurst Andrea Vandermolen Courtney Carter Emily Cronin Emmalena Schulte Kyla Blomquist Oskar Radon Kimball Taylor Bancroft [...]