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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009

Curious Pages

is Lane Smith’s blog for lovers of inscrutable children’s books. This illustration is from A Head for Happy by Helen Sewell, 1931.

Child’s Snaky Keyhole Scarf

To kick off the start of another knitting season, here’s a pattern I originally shared on my knitting blog last year.  I wrote it out in a serious way, thinking I might submit it to Knitty, but never did.  Writing a knitting pattern turned out to be a bitch.  It took forever.  Hopefully it makes [...]


over The Book Of Genesis illustrated by R. Crumb. We pointed to a picture of God and asked Hank who he was, to which he replied, “Merlin”.

Exciting artists

that remind me of each other.  Via It’s Nice That this week. Simon Evans Joe Crocker Charlie Harper

A Message for Albert

Last week, when I posted about The Unfortunate Demise of Whitley Rackham, I should’ve mentioned it’s one of a handful of book projects that Colin and I are collaborating on.  As of this week, I’m also working in earnest on a picture book for HarperCollins tentatively titled A Message for Albert, another project with Colin [...]


Welcome back, rain.