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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

Staple Singers, Save My Soul

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Embroidery Patterns

Commisioned by Sublime Stitching and for sale in my shop. Sublime Stitching is run by Jenny Hart who, in addition to being a crafting icon and entrepreneur, is a great embroidery artist.  She’s got a nice blog devoted to the subject too.  She made these:


I designed these for Converse a while back.  10% of the proceeds go to The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  I wish it were 100%.

Hank in a Reading Frenzy!

Here’s a new print available exclusively through Portland bookstore, Reading Frenzy.  It’s an archival pigment print on cotton rag in an edition of 250, signed and numbered, for $40/a pop.  Reading Frenzy is a great bookstore devoted to independent media.  Find out more about the print here.

tUnE-yArDs: BiRd-BrAiNs

It would be impossible for me to be more into this record.  Here’s “Hatari” played on one little guitar big ukelele:

My friend Jesse Durost

has been making some rad sculptures: He also sends me links to good videos, like this one.  Thankfully someone out there is thinking of the Russophile/Old School Rap crossover demographic:

Hank dictates and I illustrate

From our collaborative travel journal, which isn’t often about traveling:


Dear John Hughes, Thanks for introducing me to the idea that weirdos can find love too;  that being weird might even be a boon to your love-life.  Against all odds, I really believed in your misfit-girl-gets-the-guy scenarios and may owe what little self-esteem I had as a  middle school kid to you.  The Pretty In [...]