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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009

My Hands Holding a Hummingbird

I found him stunned in the grass next to a window that he’d probably just flown into and maybe I shouldn’t have picked him up but I couldn’t resist.  His heart was like a tiny, whirring motor against my palm and then, miraculously, he flew away.


This is my second silk-screen poster design.  I’m sorry to say I don’t do the actual printing but, man, the designing part is totally fun.  It’ll be for sale in my shop eventually.

Drawing Portfolio Workshop for Teens

I’m really happy to announce that I’ll be teaching a free 11 week drawing workshop for teenagers at the Portland Art Museum this fall with Dana Dart-McLean.  Dana and I put a lot of thought into this class.  It’s geared towards teen artists that are drawing on their own, outside of class, and the aim [...]

New Decemberists website!

Nicely designed and lovingly animated by the people at Mathematics.

New Work for Sale

I have flat files filled with art – like, hundreds of drawings.  I’m never sure what to do with them – how to sell them or if I even should – so they just sit there, often for years.  Luckily my friend May at Nationale has decided to help me sell some of them.  She [...]